Crushing and milling equipment

We manufacture equipment for grinding ore and non-metallic materials, including according to the Customer’s drawings, and also provide design and documentation services.

Equipment for grinding ore and non-metallic materials

Crushing and grinding equipment consumes about 2% of the world’s total energy consumption. This indicates its high importance and necessity in many manufacturing industries. This industry crushes more than two billion tons of various minerals every year. The mechanisms operate on the principles of impact, crushing, splitting and abrasion.

The crushing process allows you to obtain fractions larger than 5 mm, grinding – less than 5 mm. The main task of such mechanisms is the ability to obtain fractions of the required size; the main requirement is high productivity and reliability. Our equipment must be able to handle high-strength materials and improve production efficiency with low maintenance costs.

Such technologies are especially important for mining enterprises. Our work is aimed at increasing the production performance of our clients by supplying high-quality crushing and grinding equipment.

Grinding and crushing processes are in demand and widely used in various industries and mining.

Crushing and milling equipment

Jaw crushers
Cone crushers
Crushing equipment parts
Rolling press
Ball mills
Rod mills

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