Industrial equipment

We manufacture equipment for industrial purposes, including according to the Customer’s drawings, and also provide design and documentation services.

Technological equipment is the basis of a production enterprise

No enterprise can achieve high production and profit figures without stable and reliable industrial equipment. It is through this equipment that production processes are organized. It provides the opportunity to significantly save human resources and increase labor productivity.

We are talking about a whole complex of devices, mechanisms, units, and individual spare parts that are used in modern industry. With their help, the process is automated, the cost of the finished product is reduced, and its quality is improved. The use of modern equipment allows for strict adherence to production technologies, improving working conditions, environmental and sanitary-hygienic standards, transportation, and storage conditions.

Our company is engaged in the production of industrial equipment and its spare parts. We design and prepare technical documentation. Often, our partners face non-standard requests – we always strive to develop and offer several solutions to the problem.

Modern industrial equipment is actively used in all spheres and industries of production.

Industrial equipment

Pulse regeneration filters
Drum filters
Disc filters
Screw solvents
Twin-shaft mixers
Granulator mixers
Drum mixers
Contact tanks
Wagon defrosters
Clarifiers for sedimentation
Iron castings
Crown gears, shafts
Steel casting
Infrared drying chambers
Ultrasonic equipment, vibrators
Hydraulics, hydraulic cylinders
Equipment according to customer drawings

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Prompt calculation of equipment cost


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Quality control of supplied equipment


Flexible payment terms


Development of design documentation of any type
and complexity


Compliance documents
for supplied equipment


Delivery of oversized equipment


Maintenance of manufactured equipment

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