Metallurgical equipment

We manufacture metallurgical equipment, including according to the Customer’s drawings, and also provide design and documentation services.

Metallurgy is the basis of heavy production

Metallurgy is a popular and high-tech industry. A key factor in the sustainable development of the industry is high-quality, energy-efficient and timely modernized equipment.

Many of its types are unique, and they have special characteristics and operating properties. Metallurgical plants are equipped with equipment for the primary processing of ore, its smelting, the production of finished metal elements and their further transportation.
The continuous operation of the metallurgical industry allows other enterprises to grow and provide jobs for millions of people.

The metal is widely used in mechanical engineering, construction industry, shipbuilding and other industries. It is obvious that metallurgy plays an important role in strengthening the domestic and foreign economy for any country.

Our company combines long and successful experience of continuous work in this direction and the implementation of many projects. We improve our offer by adapting it to technological innovations. We work to promote and develop one of the main sectors of our activity.

Metallurgical equipment

Cooling drums, plant
Drying drums, plant
Cold and hot rolling rolls
Coke oven equipment
Granulator mixers
Sintering and firing trolleys
Throwing plant
Firing furnaces
Rotation furnaces
Furnace equipment with walking beam
DC and AC arc furnaces (EAF)
Ore-recovery furnaces for the ferroalloys production up to 45 MBA
Steel and iron pouring ladles
Vacuuming stands
Vacuum chamber feed systems
Transfer trolleys and for other purposes
Scrap buckets including self-unloading buckets
Tundish and steel structures for continuous casting plants
Coke oven metalwork
Gas ducts, panels and water-cooled elements for electric furnaces
Electric furnace casings
Slag ladles
Slag trucks
Cast iron carriers
Steel carrier

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